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Get the last object by counting length of array index const countries = [ { “id”: “1”, “name”: “Cambodia”, “code”: “kh”, “phonecode”: “+855”, “__typename”: “Country” }, { “id”: “2”, “name”: “Vietnam”, “code”: “vn”, “phonecode”: “+84”, “__typename”: “Country” }, ] const getArrayIndex = Object.keys(countries); const lastIndex = getArrayIndex.length – 1; console.log(countries[lastIndex]); Get the last object by […]

Symbols provide all the tools that you can use them for your database in the application, and you can choose the best PHP package libraries to work with. So, follow all of these steps to get your first own potential web application. 1 – composer create-project symfony/skeleton MONKEY-iDESIGN 2 – name your database in .ENV […]

Please feel to use this code template for your flutter project. It is very useful and saves time for developing your mobile application plan. Please contact me by skype: if you have problems with your flutter Validation Form – Flutter. Widget _showPasswordInput() { return Padding( padding: EdgeInsets.only(top: 20.0), child: TextFormField( onSaved: (val) => _password […]

Navigate to a new screen by going to the next screen with the Route. I’ve also created a template for all of you below and you can use main.dart for your first load screen, then you should learn how to create a LoginPage() / RegisterPage() function page yourself. main.dart: routes: { ‘/login’:(BuildContext context) => LoginPage(), […]

Widget _showPasswordInput() { return Padding( padding: EdgeInsets.only(top: 20.0), child: TextFormField( onSaved: (val) => _password = val, obscureText: _obscureText, validator: (val) => val.length < 8 ? 'Password too short' : null, decoration: InputDecoration( suffixIcon: GestureDetector( onTap: () { setState(() { _obscureText = !_obscureText; }); }, child: Icon( _obscureText ? Icons.visibility : Icons.visibility_off ), ), border: OutlineInputBorder(), […]

You might be seen a lot of garbage inside the Xcode console area. The way to disable the garbage of console that’s not all helpful to go into the menu 1- Edit Scheme 2- run Schemes In the Environment Variables tab, You must add some configuration below: 1 – Name: OS_ACTIVITY_MODE 2 – Value: disable

You can make a responsive website with Bootrape or AMP. You can choose whatever you like to build with it. In this article will explain to you how to make an AMP website. Firstly, You may wonder, What is AMP, how can I make a website by using it? You don’t have to worry about […]