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Engineer Specializing in Backend and Frontend

You’ve come to the right place if you are in search for a world-leading expert in the field of engineering enterprise API platforms and custom backend system, specializing on PHP and Javascript.

API (Application programming Interface) plays a critical role in delivering and receiving data and sharing services, which will enable you to adapt to your market and customer needs.

Software Engineer Expert
Mr. Samreaksa Ros (Sam. R) Software Engineer Expert

I’m here to provide you with the perfect solution for your technical, web developing and eCommerce needs. Contact me today at MONKEY iDESIGN

Available for hire on an hourly rate

If you have a long-term project in mind!

My skills are available for hire on an hourly rate, ($20/hour).

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Our Key services

Transforming The Way You Launch, Run and Grow

Once you have reached this step, you have selected the right resource for you, now is where you can modify the IT processes to your liking. Consult with us to design a system with the right features to keep your keys protected and secure your business.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Reach new customers outside of the regulars, locals, and other customers

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Helps you gain control over your sales and purchases with customers and suppliers.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Empower you to attract and engage customers and also cultivate brand loyalty

Order Management

Order Management

Allows you to manage the operations of your stores online and has advantages over traditional sales technology

Pharmacy Delivery

Pharmacy Delivery

Help you to reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels and avoiding out of stock



Helps you manage bookings, and inquiries, and check availability in real time from a single platform.


Shopping System

Offers a wide range of competitively-priced products and It helps your expand your brands

Key Features

Everything You Need In Just One Package As Standard

With the right help, building and managing your business website/application is no longer a dream. Here at MONKEY iDESIGN, I can build your next custom software to take your business to the next level. Backed by over 10 years of business experience in designing and developing, you’re assured of an industry leading solution that’s just right for your business needs!



Front-end development and building your admin web-apps


Nuxt JS

Large scale applications and capable of handling high amounts of data and user requests

Loyalty Program

Json Web Token (jwt)

Secure api for your development process



Speed up your marketing via WordPress to market your products



The most flexible ecommerce platform to grow your business.



Scalability helps you to expand, handle more users and data.


React Native

Solve business complexities when it comes to saving time, effort and money.

Website with WordPress

Perfect Solution For small and medium-sized Businesses

Build your custom eCommerce store with WordPress/WooCommerce

Start your next eCommerce site with WooCommerce plug-in. WooCommerce is a secure and extremely adaptable solution for your WordPress based eCommerce website..

With a user-friendly backend interface, you can easily customize and expand your store. It’s just simple!

Perfect Solution For small and medium-sized Businesses