Cloud based POS system

Invest in a cloud-based POS system and make your business grow.

If you are an owner of a restaurant or a retail store, you’d be aware of the importance of making the right decision when it comes to a POS (Point of Sale) system. Having the right POS system can significantly improve the efficiency of the business operation, which will directly impact the profitability of your business. Traditionally speaking, most businesses have relied on an on-premise POS system, but many retail and restaurant owners have now decided to move to a cloud-based POS system.

What Is Cloud-Based POS System?

First of all, what exactly is a cloud-based POS System? As the name suggests, it’s a system that is stored online, which means there is no need to set up an expensive locally housed server. True, the internet connectivity is a must in order to run a cloud-based POS system, but that’s probably not an issue for most businesses these days. In fact, when you consider the advantages of a cloud-based POS system over the traditional POS system, it becomes clear that most businesses would benefit from investing in a robust cloud-based POS system.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based POS System

What are some of the advantages of a cloud-based POS system? Here are just 3 of many reasons why a cloud-based POS system is better for most retail businesses and restaurants.

One of the major advantages of a cloud-based POS system over a traditional system is that they are significantly more accessible. A traditional on-site POS system needs to be installed in a locally housed server and only computers that are directly connected through the local network are able to access and make changes. On the other hand, a cloud-based POS system can be accessed from anywhere with the correct ID and password through a web browser. That means you can access the live data from any device that is connected to the internet, whether it’s a laptop or a mobile device.

Installing an on-site server to house a traditional POS system is a costly investment. The initial cost involves the purchase of the hardware as well as the software and initial configuration. A cloud-based POS system doesn’t require anything physical to be set up on-site and that’s a huge reduction in costs as you don’t have to invest in hardware that can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost involved in purchasing a cloud-based POS system is usually transparent and predictable.

As far as the risk of your precious data being lost or stolen is concerned, a cloud-based POS system offers a significant improvement in security over a traditional on-site POS system. A locally installed server can be stolen or destroyed by fire, but data stored online is not exposed to these risks.

Why Monkey iDesign

There are many companies who offer cloud-based POS systems, so why should you choose Monkey iDesign?

There are mainly two types of cloud-based POS systems, one being pre-packaged and the other being bespoke, that is, a system developed just for your company. Because of its mass-produced nature, pre-packaged systems are much more affordable than bespoke systems. However, each and every business is different and it’s impossible to find a system that perfectly caters to the every need of your business.

Monkey iDesign can offer the best of both worlds. We offer bespoke cloud-based POS systems at a fraction of the prices offered by other providers.

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