Whether you are starting up a new business or are already operating an established enterprise, one thing you will not be able to go without is good quality business software. Since every business model is different, there is no one-size-fits all solution, but what you need is business software that is specifically designed and managed for the specific needs of your business.

This is where you will find the services offered at Monkey iDesign hard to go past. I have personally been involved in developing reliable and uniquely adapted business software for a variety of companies and businesses around the world for over 10 years. Every client that I have worked for has a different business model, due to the innovative ways in which they operate their businesses. Improved technology and the ever more ‘mobile’ world is making it necessary for companies to have a business software solution that is centralized and adaptable to all types of devices.

One of the most critical components for a business to effectively manage their operation is an API. At Monkey iDesign, you can be assured of quality focused API development and integration.

Business Software Consultation

Development and integration of API is essential to allow all different software components, programs and devices to smoothly interact with one another. Your API must be customized in order to be able to work with independent services such as Google, Amazon, PayPal and so on.

It all starts with a consultation in order to analyse your existing systems and architecture, identifying the ways to improve and enhance your business operation and turn your venture into a profitable enterprise. With years of experience in developing and integrating APIs, you will be guided to the best possible solution that is easy to manage and control.

Laravel API and Integration

I have years of experience in building PHP business software and websites but the adoption of Laravel framework has further improved the quality and the efficiency of software development. Laravel is a PHP framework that reduces the risk of making errors in the development and integration stages and it ensures a reliable and speedy rollout. That means quality software or a website can be developed without costing too much.

Security and Speed

Without a doubt, security is one of your utmost concerns when you decide to develop new business software or a website. One of the great advantages of PHP software or websites that have been developed with Laravel framework is that it improves the security of your business. Laravel allows for an easy configuration of advanced security features, and it enables you to protect the company and client data against hacking and cybercrimes.
The other advantage of Laravel built business software and websites is that it employs techniques to enhance the site loading speed. It allows the operators to easily implement optimization such as memory reduction in order to lighten the load on the site. This is a great point to consider if the speed of your website or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of your top priorities for your project.

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