Contact us at Monkey iDesign today for all your Software needs. Whatever industry your business is in, the importance of having custom designed software can’t be refuted. Whether you have an efficient IT solution or not will likely have a profound effect on the overall operation and ultimately the profitability of your business.

However, just as the way each business operates differs greatly from each other, the architecture on which your business management software is based on must be uniquely designed in order to accommodate all the facets of your business operation.

That’s where Monkey iDesign comes to your rescue! I have many years of experience in software design, having catered to a variety of software development needs for start-up businesses and established companies from around the globe. Because I have extensive experience in all stages of software design, you can be assured to receive a product that is complete and is easy to manage and control. Ongoing support will be provided in order to continue to adapt your software to the changing needs of your business.

Good Software Design starts with thorough research

The development of your new software needs to be based on a thorough understanding of the overall operation of your business. Competitor analysis can also aid in revealing how your software can be designed in order to assist your business to stand out from the crowd. For these reasons, at Monkey iDesign, we do extensive design research and implement the results in the development of your software.

Efficiency Focused

At Monkey iDesign, we don’t make it look complicated just to impress. Rather, our focus is on efficiency and simplicity while being reliable. This is why Monkey iDesign designs and develops PHP based software and API using Laravel, which is one of the most trusted PHP frameworks available today. The Laravel framework allows us, software designers and developers, to create business software that is efficient, easy to navigate and most importantly, secure. It also enables us to develop a light weight software or web application, which is a big bonus if speed is important for your website.

SPA (Single – Page Applications)

At Monkey iDesign, we are expert at developing SPAs. Generally speaking, most web applications are composed of more than one page, which communicate with each other in order to render one page, which can contribute to a slower performance. Single-Page Applications eliminate unnecessary links between pages and instead places all the necessary components in a single file using JavaScript.

In order to effectively design SPAs, we use Vue.js. It’s a JavaScript framework which helps in simplifying the process of developing a web application, which in turn translates to a speedy and reliable delivery of the product.

Monkey iDesign is Great at Communicating

Whatever idea you have for your next software design, I’m sure we all agree that one of the most important things is transparent communication. It’s not like buying an iPhone, which only comes with just a handful of specs to choose from. Instead, each and every software development requires an extensive understanding of the client’s requirements and it needs to be developed accordingly. That is why, at Monkey iDesign, communication is one of our top priorities.