Software development engineer

Software development engineer

You’ve got an idea? I can build it for you!

In today’s fast paced digital world that is ever more connected, standing out from the large crowd of competitors requires one to be highly creative and to be able to execute an idea with efficiency. But the more unique the idea, the more of your precious resources it will take to implement it.

You need a Software Development Engineer who can accurately understand the aim of your project and materialize it at a speed that will ensure that you will always stay at the front of the pack.

During 10 years of experience as a professional Software Development Engineer, I’ve been involved in designing, developing and testing a wide variety of software and other applications for businesses. You are no doubt looking for a professional who is able to not only exercise a great level of creativity but also is able to execute each task with attention to detail. My experience has allowed me to take the lead in every process required to complete a full software development life cycle, which requires an extensive knowledge in coding standards, code reviews, source control management, building processes, testing, and operation.

Hiring a qualified software development engineer who can deliver the desired result has never been a low-cost exercise. But you will most definitely be pleased to know that I offer software development engineering services at very competitive prices, while delivering with the highest level of quality, which you would expect from a leading software development engineer.

Why I choose Laravel API

API has become an important part of software development. API is now allowing businesses and enterprises to make the most of the ever more connected world of the internet and do what they once thought was impossible. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to any API project. That is why I specialize in developing reliable, and well-documented custom APIs that will accomplish exactly what you need.

In order to further enhance the efficiency of developing an API, I use Laravel. Laravel API allows developers to build an API with greater efficiency and ensures that the end product is reliable and affordable. In addition, Laravel API enables us to adapt as the world of technology continues to make advancements at an ever-increasing speed.

As the world of technology continues to progress, each API needs to be modified in order to keep up with all the changes. I provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your API performs to your highest expectations at all times.

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Why I choose Vue.js

I choose Vue.js as it combines React and Angular features and takes the best out of both frameworks for improved functionality. The framework enables a developer to create applications of varying types and sizes. The flexibility of Vue.js ensures that the end product works flawlessly on a multitude of devices including mobile devices featuring different operating systems and screen dimensions.

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